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For the Love of Anime

That's our motto.

What happen when you put the love of Anime & Coding together?
You get these Apps :)

Anime Quizz What's the Anime? What's the Anime? Xtreme What's the Anime? Music
[ N Y A A ] iGendou [xMAL] Randime - Random Anime & Manga

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Now that you have seen some our selection of Apps.
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Design With Simplicity

We want the app to be as simple as possible so would you. We designed the app with the mind of the user. We don't want the user to get confused with our apps.

Seriously. We are not joking.

Screenshot of What's the Anime? Screenshot of iGendou Screenshot of Randime

Design With Love of Anime

Our Love of Anime knows no boundary and we want to show that in our app.

We know that you love Anime as well.

From Games to Productivity to Music. We have all of those.

Check out all of Our Apps